Rates and Registration


Registration Fees are paid once per year, per family when enrolling in a class in the Fall, Spring or Summer term. Registration fees are not due for camps, dance parties or intensives because they are included in the price. Tuition rates are for 15-weeks of classes in the fall and spring semesters and 10-weeks of classes in the summer semester.


  • Family Class Registration Fee $10
    (once per household, per year)
  • Accompaniment Fee $30
    (added on for classes with live accompaniment)
  • Fall/Spring Class Tuition (for 1, 1 ¼ and 1 ½ hour classes) $210
  • Fall/Spring 2-hour class Tuition $225
  • Fall/Spring ½ hour class Tuition $180
  • Fall/Spring ¾ hour class Tuition $195
  • Summer Class Tuition $140
  • Summer 5 Week Half Semester Tuition $70
  • Summer 4 Week Mini Term Tuition $56
  • Single Class Drop-In Rate $17
  • Single Class Drop-In Rate with Accompaniment $20
  • Half Semester tuition $112
  • Half Semester 2-hour Class Tuition $120
  • Half Semester ½ hour Class Tuition $96
  • Half Semester ¾ hour Class Tuition $104
  • Summer Half Semester $70
  • Zumba Class Card $120 (10 classes expire in 4 months)
  • Zumba Class Single drop-in $15

Multi-Class Discount (for third or more class per family)
$15 OFF (classes under an hour)
$30 OFF (1 hour or longer classes)

Level One Intensive Tuition includes 8 classes per week.
Level Two Intensive Tuition includes 10 classes per week.
Level One Pointe intensive Tuition includes 2 classes per week.
Level Two Pointe Intensive Tuition includes 3 classes per week.
Camp rates apply to winter, spring and summer camps.


  • Dance Intensive deposit $40
  • Dance Intensive Level One Tuition $96/week
  • Dance Intensive Level Two Tuition $120/week
  • Dance Intensive Pointe One Intensive Tuition $24/week
  • Dance Intensive Pointe Two Intensive Tuition $36/week
  • Dance Intensive Single Class Drop-In Rate $20
  • Saturday Night Dance Party $25
  • Dance Party Additional Siblings $10/each
  • Dance Parties – 3 per semester $60
  • Dance Parties – 3 per semester additional siblings $25/each
  • Creative Dance Camp $125/week
  • Hip Hop Camp $125/week
  • Musical Theater Camp $150/week
  • Afternoon Dance Camp $100/week
  • Afternoon Camp (as an add-on to morning program) $75/week
  • Single Day Camp Rate (available for winter and spring camps) $30
  • Single Day Camp with Afternoon Add-On (available for winter and spring camps) $50

Registration Fee: $10 per year



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