jhg-testimonial“At a certain point in life, you look back and realize the people, the places, and the experiences that have been formative to your growth; consistent as a source of learning, inspiration, challenge, and a mirror of your self and successes. I grew up at Brattleboro School of Dance as a young dancer, and am still growing at this studio, but now as choreographer, instructor, and friend to the BSD community. I am grateful for it’s existence, and the many blessings it has provided me.”


Jamie Harrison Gehring

Michelle Simpson-Siegel“From creative dance classes when my children were small to pursuing their interests in ballet, tap, and hip-hop as they grew older, BSD has offered my kids essential physical and arts education. Our family is grateful for the high quality whole body learning that BSD provides—my children have gained such a confident and critical awareness of their bodies in space; they have both gained control and freedom of their movement. Excellent teaching and a supportive, collaborative atmosphere are the hallmarks of BSD—it is the antithesis of “Dance Moms!”

Michelle Simpson-Siegel