• All tuition payments must be made within the first two weeks of the semester. Other arrangements will be discussed with and approved by the Director only.
  • Tuition may not be refunded after the first two weeks of a semester, except in the case of accident or serious illness.
  • Children under 11 years of age may take adult classes only with the Director’s permission.
  • Students must be appropriately dressed. Ballet and pointe students must wear their hair up and away from the face. Please see additional dress code requirements here.
  • Students who miss warm-up exercises will not be permitted to attend class.
  • Students are expected to attend all classes. When necessary, a missed class can be made-up in the current semester. Make-ups cannot be held to the next term, but are transferable to immediate family members within the same household.
  • Weather cancellations will be announced on the school’s answering machine, Facebook page, and website, as well as on WTSA and WKVT. Students are granted a make-up class for weather cancellations unless there are an extreme number of snow days affecting the same weekday in a semester, in which case the school may plan a make-up day. There are no refunds for weather cancellations.
  • Drop-In classes held during vacation weeks are at the single class price. No make-ups can be used for these classes and payments are made to Brattleboro School of Dance.
  • 8-week half semesters are available each term for either the first eight weeks or the last eight weeks of the semester. Any missed classes for a half semester must be made up within that eight weeks and may not carry over to another half semester.
  • Lockers are available for day use by any student if the locker is open and empty. Please bring your own lock for day use and remove your belongings at the end of your day at the school. Lockers are available for overnight use to any student enrolled in 4 or more classes at BSD, members of the Junior or Senior Company, and students enrolled in the WRCC High School Dance Program.