Policies and Code of Conduct


We are committed to creating a safe environment for our dancers, families, and staff. Please read these guidelines carefully and discuss them with your family before entering the studio. 

Who is Allowed to Enter the Studio?

Parents of dancers who are 3-4 years of age are allowed to accompany their child into the building if necessary. Parents of young children must wear masks and social distance at all times. 

All other parents, caregivers, and family members are not allowed to enter the studio unless given special permission by the director. Caregivers can drop dancers off at the Green Street entrance, where a staff member will receive them. 

Taking Temperatures and Screening

All dancers will be screened and their temperatures taken upon entrance to BSD. If anyone displays a higher than normal temperature, they will be asked to go home, and may participate in their class remotely. 


All dancers, staff, and caregivers are required to wear a mask at all times – with the exception of dancers aged 3-4, who will not be required to wear a mask while dancing. If you are still in search of the perfect mask, please let us know and we can recommend some of our favorites! We will have surgical masks available for anyone who needs them. Masks may feel strange to dance in at first, but we promise you will get used to it! Teachers are cognizant of the difficulty of mask-wearing while dancing, and will adjust their classes accordingly to provide more breaks. For those who need a quick breather, we have an area in the hall set up where dancers may remove their masks safely for a moment, one person at a time. Anyone who resists wearing a mask will be asked to leave and will not be offered a refund. 

Hand Washing & Sanitizing

Dancers and staff will be reminded and otherwise encouraged to sanitize and/or wash their hands frequently. Sanitizer and soap will be plentiful. We recommend finding a good moisturizer for those dry winter months!

Social Distancing 

We will enforce social distancing inside and outside of the classroom. We ask that dancers and staff remind each other often to keep their distance! While dancing, we will enforce 10 feet of distance between people. 

Dressing Rooms

If at all possible, we ask dancers to arrive in their dance clothes under their street clothes. This will put less of a strain on our dressing room, which has limited capacity. For those who are rushing from school or other activities, we will allow use of the dressing room for up to 4 people at a time. 

Sanitizing Surfaces

Staff and students will be asked to sanitize surfaces frequently. After using the bathroom, we ask that each student wipe down the toilet seat, handle, and door handle, and any other surfaces they touched before leaving the room. Similarly, students will wipe down barres, mats, and any other surfaces they touched after class. BSD is responsible for sanitizing the floors. 

Air Purification / Ventilation

We have fancy new air purifiers that are HEPA rated. HEPA is the most trusted filtration technology in the world, used by hospitals, high-tech clean rooms, and scientific laboratories. These air purifiers use advanced BioGS® HEPA filtration system and is true-HEPA rated. It builds and improves on the traditional HEPA; composed of a proprietary fiber material, it traps allergens and particles 0.3 microns in size at 99.97% efficiency and particles less than 0.1 microns in size at higher than 99% efficiency

Health, Wellness, and Preventative Measures

We stress this every season, but it is important now more than ever. Eating healthy and getting exercise is a great way to boost our immune systems. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, and treat yourself and others with kindness. 

In Case of COVID Contact

If you or someone you come in contact with tests positive for Covid-19, please stay home and quarantine for at least 14 days before returning to class. Please also alert us immediately so that we can take the appropriate measures. In all cases, we will provide remote dance instruction so that you don’t have to miss a beat!


Yes, we know masks are hard to dance in. Yes, we know Zoom can be frustrating! But please keep your complaints to yourself! We as dancers are tough, and are known to persevere through inconvenient circumstances. Please carry that spirit into the coming months – The better our attitude, the better the experience for everyone! 



Individuality: We work with students as individuals and encourage each dancer’s own creativity and uniqueness. 

Race: We celebrate and promote an anti-racist approach to dance. In teaching western art forms such as ballet, it is especially important to understand how ballet can be exclusionary and oppressive when approached incorrectly. We make particular efforts to redirect these stereotypes while also promoting non-western dance forms. Black Lives Matter.

Financial: We are strongly committed to making dance opportunities available to all students regardless of ability to pay. Need-based and merit-based scholarships are available each semester. Applications are due prior to the start of each semester.

Gender: We welcome dancers of all genders. 

Ability: We encourage dancers of all abilities, typical and atypical, to give our classes a try. We do our best to accommodate each dancer’s unique needs within the limits of our resources, studio features, staff expertise, student:teacher ratio, and other factors. If your or your child’s needs are atypical, please talk with the Director before registering to determine whether a particular class will be appropriate, and, if necessary, what accommodations are possible.

Accessibility: Our studio has two entrances, one on Main Street and one on Green Street Extension. The Green Street entrance (across from the Shriners Hall) provides access without stairs. Please contact us with questions.

Registration & Payment

  • Class level is at the discretion of the Director. Please contact the studio for help in determining class level.
  • Invoices are sent via email after registration is complete. We accept cash, check, or credit card payments.
  • Payment is due in full before the second class unless other arrangements have been made with the Director.

Missed Classes & Refunds

  • We do not offer refunds except in extreme extenuating circumstances. 
  • Students who miss a class may make it up in another class (in-person if there is room, and online if the class is full). 


All clothing must fit properly. Dancers are welcome to dress according to the gender they identify with. Hair must be secure. It is inappropriate and distracting to adjust hair and clothing during class. 

Ballet & Pointe

Male: Black leggings/tights, white T-shirt, slippers, dance belt (for age 11+)

Female: Pink tights, leotard (see color specifications below), slippers or pointe shoes, hair up and secure

Leotard colors by level

Ballet I: Pink

Ballet II: Lavender

Ballet III: Burgundy

Ballet IV: Navy Blue

Ballet V: Black

Creative Dance & Pre-Ballet

Dancer’s choice, bare feet (ballet shoes optional for pre-ballet only)


Leggings or comfortable stretchy pants, and a comfortable shirt. 

Hip Hop

Comfortable pants and shirt, clean sneakers (that have not been worn outdoors)


Leggings or shorts, leotard or fitted shirt, jazz shoes

Modern & Dunham

Comfortable long pants (preferably no shorts); bare feet (socks when absolutely necessary)


Comfortable pants and shirt, tap shoes. 


  • Be early! A wise teacher once said: “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable!” You should arrive with ample time to change, use the restroom, get water, warm up, and focus yourself for class before class begins. 
  • Respect the teacher with your mind, heart, and body. Our teachers are experts in their field and have studied and practiced for many years. Listen actively and attentively in class. Do not turn your back while someone is demonstrating or speaking. Do not speak when the teacher is speaking or others are dancing. Show that you are engaged by standing tall and keeping your eyes on the teacher or demonstrator. Do not cross your arms across your chest, yawn, fidget, look bored or tired, etc. 
  • Do not contradict the teacher. If you have a question or disagreement, please stay after class to discuss so that you may reach an understanding. 
  • Do not correct other dancers. Only the teacher and their officially appointed assistant(s) may correct a dancer. It is not appropriate for students to correct other students.
  • Bring a positive attitude to class! Accept corrections as helpful feedback that will improve your dancing. Show your appreciation by working hard and doing your best.
  • Pack a water bottle! Water helps regulate your body temperature, lubricate your joints, and so much more. Staying hydrated is a must for any physical activity.
  • Check in! Please check in using your name and your class at the front desk when you arrive or before you head into the studio. This helps our studio run smoothly.
  • Have fun! Dance is a wonderful way to express yourself, to work out, and to improve brain function.
  • Get plenty of rest! Sleep is the time when our bodies restore and heal themselves.
  • Use the bathroom before class! Some teachers give a break halfway through the class. Other teachers do not give breaks. Know what your teacher wants. 
  • Work hard. Work smart. Be aware of aches and pains, fatigue, thirst, and hunger. Your body is your instrument. Eat a good breakfast and pack a snack in your dance bag. Plan to eat a few snacks as well as meals in your busy dance day.

Absences and injuries:

  • No excuses! Come to class if you can, even if you can only observe. This is of course unless you have a fever or any Covid-19 symptoms!
  • If you must miss a class, please inform the studio before class begins. We will be zooming each class so that dancers can follow along from home. 
  • If you are sick with a potentially contagious illness, please do not attend class.
  • If you choose to take class with a pre-existing injury, please alert the teacher prior to the start of class and take responsibility for marking and non-disruptive self-care as needed.
  • If you are injured during class, alert the teacher immediately in the least disruptive way possible. 
  • When marking a combination, please do so with attention and energy. Never mark your arms unless they are injured.

With people:

  • Always be your best self at BSD. Exercise kindness, generosity, and honor. 
  • Lift up the spirits of those around you. Support and cheer on your classmates. 
  • Speak kindly of others always – to their face and behind their back.
  • Practice empathy. Give others the benefit of the doubt. You may not know the whole story. 
  • Show leadership for younger and less experienced dancers. Include and engage people outside your age, level, and comfort zone.

In our space:

  • Street shoes should be removed upon entering the studio. This applies to both parents and dancers. 
  • Clean up after yourself and encourage others to do the same.
  • Always leave the studios, dressing room, and waiting area better than you found them. 
  • Only water is allowed in the dance studios. Food and beverages are also allowed in the waiting area and the dressing rooms.
  • Put away all food and beverages when you are done with them. 
  • Please observe recycling/trash/compost signs and put your waste in the proper container every time.


All members of the BSD community have the right to feel safe and protected from bullying.

Bullying physically or emotionally harms a person, targets a person in a negative way for any actual or perceived characteristic, and/or creates a hostile environment in the dance studio. Bullying will not be tolerated in any form – direct or indirect, physical, emotional, social, verbal, written, electronic, or otherwise. 

Bullying threatens the very heart and soul of BSD. Even one documented bullying event will have repercussions under our zero tolerance policy. Immediate termination of enrollment may be imposed for egregious violations.

We recognize that bullying does not just occur between students. Anyone witnessed bullying or harassing another student, parent, or BSD staff member will be sanctioned.

If you or your child are being bullied, please alert a teacher or the director as soon as possible. You may speak directly with someone or you may anonymously report an incident by leaving us a note in our mailbox. Each situation of bullying is unique and will be treated with urgency, proactivity, and sensitivity by the director and staff. 


All participants must sign a Signature Page at the start of each dance year certifying that they have read this document, understand it in its entirety, and agree to be bound by its terms, before participating in classes.

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