Ballet Prep*
For the young dancer (age 5-6) who is ready to graduate from Creative Dance and learn the foundations of ballet. We will focus on learning the basic ballet positions of the arms, legs, feet, and head, as well as correct placement through stretching and strengthening. Each week, we will learn music and steps from a different classic or romantic ballet. Musicality and artistic expression will be emphasized throughout.

Ballet (I-VI)*
Ballet I-IV classes take the student through a careful syllabus of ballet steps starting with simple barre exercises and progressing to intermediate work. Students in the first and second year of ballet also explore modern dance and improvisation.

Beginning Ballet**

For the adult or teen who has no previous experience with ballet. This class is taught with a focus on inclusivity, where all shapes, sizes, and genders are welcome to come explore this beautiful art form! Bring your friends, bring your husbands and wives – all are welcome! 

Advanced Beginning Ballet**

For the adult or teen who has a basic understanding of Ballet technique, or for the dancer who wants to get back to basics. Building on the positions and concepts taught in Beginning Ballet, this class will string together slightly more complex combinations that will encourage further development of coordination, musicality, and dynamic artistry. 

Gentle Low Intermediate Ballet**
This class always begins with delicious cups of coffee, and is for dancers of all levels and ages and is meant to both challenge and uplift in a gentle and supportive environment. The class moves at a slower pace to provide dancers the chance to find the organic beauty of dance.

Intermediate, and Advanced Ballet**
Each of these classes expands the dancer’s knowledge of ballet steps by developing longer combinations that require more strength and coordination.

Pre-Pointe is the first class students will take when they are approved by the instructor to begin pointe. This class focuses on developing the very specific and important muscles needed to support dancers in their future years of dancing en pointe. Students will learn stretching and strengthening sequences, sewing techniques, and will begin simple exercises en pointe at the barre. Students must be enrolled in at least two ballet classes in order to do pointe. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

Pointe I, II, III*/**
These classes introduce the student gradually to the important elements and new strength needed to do pointe work. Variations from classical ballet are often used to enhance the student’s strength and grace in higher levels. Prerequisite: instructor approval.


This class draws on some of the basic tenets of modern dance: weight, momentum, fall and recovery, direction changes, and expression. We will incorporate combinations that build throughout the weeks, to challenge dancers to pick up choreography with confidence.

Modern Floorwork**

Over the course of the semester, students will learn a variety of maneuvers into, out of, across, and around the floor using different targeted tasks and exercises, eventually combining these to develop longer movement sequences. An emphasis will be placed on cultivating and improving the ability to move smoothly between different and unexpected areas of  the body, including hands, knees, shoulders, forearms and feet, and balancing moments of surrender and support. Students will learn to navigate shifting levels while staying grounded and accomplishing weight shifts in a safe and energy-efficient manner. Some movement experience is preferred, but this class is suitable for teens and adults of all ages and movement backgrounds.

Dunham **
Dunham Technique is a vibrant fusion of Haitian dance, jazz, modern and ballet. This class will introduce the fundamentals of the technique, created by dance pioneer Katherine Dunham. Dancers will be empowered by a philosophy that encourages accessing self-knowledge through dance. We begin with a yoga warm up and core conditioning, followed by center floor, barre, and progressions. The focus will be on the joy of dancing, alignment, strength, flexibility, energy, rhythm and moving as a collective.


Toddler/Parent Dance*
For walking toddlers and their parents, this is a class where both generations can experience the joys of movement in a safe, fun, and creative environment. We will play games, dance with props, stretch our bodies, play with parent-child partner balances, and create imaginary worlds where we can explore all the different ways our bodies can move! Dancers should come with comfortable clothing and bare feet. This class is by suggested donation of $5-$10.

Creative Dance (3-4 & 5-6)*
These classes are designed to help the young student (age 3-6 in September) explore and expand large motor movements. Students learn flexibility exercises and beginning concepts of music with emphasis on creative movement and imagination.

Conditioning & Combination*
This class offers students the basic building blocks of movement education in a fun, hour long workout set to ever changing music. Proper alignment, balance, flow, use of space, strength, groundedness, rhythm, and carriage are learned and practiced through a combination of dance styles, yoga postures, general exercise, floor work, improvisation and breathwork. This eclectic class embraces both the relaxing and energizing aspects of movement and imagery. Mats are provided but you may bring your own if you prefer. Students may choose footwear options to maximize comfort. A jazz sneaker, socks, ballet shoe or the equivalent, and bare feet are all fine. Some students will find they need more than one of these options in each class as you move through different movement modalities. All levels welcome. Come join!


This class focuses on Joseph Pilates original methods. These sessions focus on flow and are geared towards giving each participant a true workout. Stressing proper alignment and moving from the center of the body, this class will help students find their core strength, while lengthening and strengthening muscles.




Start where you are and end up a star in your own eyes: Patty Cake leads you on a journey to amplify your confidence, smooth out your sexy skills, and dive into the character of your dreams. Open and accepting of all people. This class series will begin where you are and give you a base, a springboard, for further exploration of burlesque as a dance form, as a character study, as act creation, and as implementation.


“Sexiness is the embodiment of you living in your truth.” Perle Noire


Children’s Tap*
This class introduces the beginning child tapper to the basics of rhythm and technique in tap. Students will learn different styles within the genre of tap through the use of games, fun music, and interesting exercises. 

Open Level Tap**
This class introduces the teen and adult tapper to the basics of rhythm and technique in tap. Students will learn different styles within the genre of tap and will enjoy building on tap combinations that are designed specifically for the levels present in the class, all to fun and funky music. All are welcome as long as you are willing to try something new and have a fun time while you’re at it!

Rhythm Tap**
Also known as jazz tap, rhythm tap focuses on musicality and is often danced to traditional jazz music. Close attention is given to the tap sounds and how they fit on the musical phrase, with frequent use of syncopation. Choreographic patterns can be complex and tend to incorporate percussive toe and heel drops fairly close to the floor. In this class, attention is also given to tap history and traditional dances and choreography passed down by the tap masters of the past and present.


Class Levels

Creative Dance 3-4: For children ages 3-4 years old in September
Creative Dance 5-6: For children ages 5-6 years old in September
Ballet Prep: For children ages 5-6 years old in September

Children/Youth Classes
: These classes prepare children age 7-12 to enter into more advanced classes when they are ready. The classes are developmentally appropriate and add fun elements. Imaginative games help facilitate the learning experience, while combinations foster memory development.

Beginning: For teens and adults who have no previous experience with dance or the style of dance. Eleven-year-olds with an adult work ethic are permitted.

Advanced Beginning: For teens and adults with some experience in the style of dance or previous experience in other styles of dance that can carry over. Eleven-year-olds with adequate experience are permitted.

Low Intermediate: For teens and adults who are ready to expand their capabilities and techniques but wish to do so at a slower pace than an Intermediate class. Eleven-year-olds with adequate experience are permitted.

Intermediate: For teens and adults who are ready to build their knowledge of the dance style through expanded combinations and exercises that increase strength, flexibility, and dance vocabulary. Students should be 13 or have the director’s approval.

Advanced: For teens and adults who are ready to be challenged with harder combinations, more in-depth technique explorations, and the artistic qualities required for performance. Advanced ballet students are encouraged to take at least the barre portion of class in pointe shoes, if not the whole class. Teacher approval is required for advanced level classes.


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