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Ballet Prep 6-7*
For the young dancer (ages 6-7) who is ready to graduate from Creative Dance 5-6 and learn the foundations of ballet. We will focus on learning the basic ballet positions of the arms, legs, feet, and head, as well as correct placement through stretching and strengthening. Musicality and artistic expression will be emphasized throughout. Students who are 5 years old may take this class with permission from the instructor.

Children’s Ballet (I-IV)*
Ballet I-IV classes take the student through a careful syllabus of ballet steps starting with simple barre exercises and progressing to intermediate work. Students in the first and second year of ballet also explore modern dance and improvisation.

Youth Ballet (V-VI)*
Ballet V-VI classes continue the progressive curriculum taught in Children’s Ballet I-IV and prepare students 11 to adult for entry into Intermediate level ballet classes.

Beginning, Advanced Beginning Ballet**
For teenagers and adults with little or no previous experience, these classes introduce the basic steps in ballet.

Low Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced Ballet**
Each of these classes expands the dancer’s knowledge of ballet steps by developing longer combinations that require more strength and coordination.

Gentle Low Intermediate Ballet**
This class is for dancers of all levels and ages and is meant to both challenge and uplift – in a gentle and supportive environment. The class moves at a slower pace to provide dancers the chance to find the organic beauty of dance.

Pre-Pointe is the first class students will take when they are approved by the instructor to begin pointe. This class focuses on developing the very specific and important muscles needed to support dancers in their future years of dancing en pointe. Students will learn stretching and strengthening sequences, sewing techniques, and will begin simple exercises en pointe at the barre. Students must be enrolled in at least two ballet classes in order to do pointe. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

Pointe I, II, III*/**
These classes introduce the student gradually to the important elements and new strength needed to do pointe work. Variations from classical ballet are often used to enhance the student’s strength and grace in higher levels. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

Advanced Variations**
For the advanced dancer who wishes to continue their training in pointework while learning historical ballets as well as more contemporary choreography. Prerequisite: teacher and director approval. In some cases, this class may be taken on flat.


These classes combine a natural lyricism with the imaginative use of rhythm. Stress is placed on body alignment, the dancer’s relationship with space, and the use of imagery in understanding movement. Classes also incorporate the elements of experiential anatomy and a variety of modern dance techniques.

Contemporary Modern**
An organic approach to movement where dancers are encouraged to dig deep, dance big, dance loud, and find quiet. In a safe yet challenging environment, emphasis will be placed on finding the correct point of initiation in the body to achieve maximum range of motion and anatomically correct, energy efficient movement. We will continue to develop skills in floor work, inversions, jumps, and traveling steps. Dancers should have some basic knowledge of modern dance, but most importantly a willingness to push their own physical and mental boundaries.


Students will start with the basics of heels, toes, and brushes and combine these steps into longer dance combinations to create rhythmic movement patterns. At higher levels, students will learn more complicated steps and longer combinations.

Open Level Tap**
Open Level Tap takes participants from the basics of rhythm to the complexity of different styles within the genre of tap. Class progression will vary and be determined by the levels of the dancers present. All are welcome as long as you are willing to try something new and have a fun time while you’re at it!


Students will learn foundation steps and moves of various hip hop styles such as Popping, Locking, House, and Breakin’, while incorporating freestyle to encourage each dancer’s personal style.


Advanced Beginning Jazz**
Shake off the doldrums of the week with this sassy and sultry dance class! The two rules of the class are (1) that it’s a judgment-free zone and (2) that you look in the mirror and think, “Daaang, I look good.” Bring your heels if you want. We’ll explore some popular choreography that’s gone viral (hint: Beyonce), work with original phrases, and listen to some hot tunes. Content may be adult.

Beginning Latin Dance**
In this class, students will learn the basics of five different dances in the International Latin American style of competitive dancesport: Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, and Paso Doble. We will talk about how the posture, feet, hips, and attitude of the dances differ from each other while noticing the common threads through the dances. We will focus on improving one or two concepts every week, from sharp timing in Cha Cha to bringing the appropriate level of drama to the Paso Doble. Each class will lightly build on the previous class in three week chunks, allowing for students who miss a class to be able to easily catch up.

Dancing in Heels**
This is a time to let your hair down and tap into your feminine power. This class aims to unfurl the fierce, flirtatious, soft, and quirky YOU. Dancers are encouraged to wear heels.


This class is based on exercises developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates. The floorwork exercises tone all of the body’s muscles, especially the abdominals. Within each exercise, dancers focus on alignment and breath while moving with specificity, efficiency, and ease in order to build a strong center so that in dance, you can fly.

Embodyoga Pilates**
This class combines the core conditioning of Pilates Mat Work with the power and flexibility of Yoga poses and deep relaxation to stretch and strengthen the body. Exercises in experiential anatomy help the student “embody” the work, bringing mindful consciousness to deeper and deeper levels of their physical being.


Toddlers & Parent Dance*
This class, for toddlers who are walking and their parents, introduces the very young child to large motor movements and some simple music concepts. Emphasis is placed on creative movements, songs, and rhymes.

Creative Dance (3-4 & 5-6)*
These classes are designed to help the young student (3-6 in September) explore and expand large motor movements. Students learn flexibility exercises and beginning concepts of music, with emphasis on creative movement and imagination.

Creative Hip Tap (5-6)*
Creative Hip Tap is an exciting exploration of rhythm and movement for 5 and 6 year olds. The basic elements of hip hop and tap will be introduced with creative story telling and music concepts.

Class Age Ranges

Creative Classes – Ages 3-7
Children’s Classes – Ages 7–11
Youth Classes – Ages 10-12
Teen/Adult Classes – Ages 13 and up

Class Levels

Creative Dance 3-4: For children ages 3-4 years old in September
Creative Dance 5-6: For children ages 5-6 years old in September

Ballet Prep 6-7: For children ages 6-7 years old in September

Creative Dance Leap (1).jpgChildren’s Classes: These classes prepare children 7-11 years old to enter into advanced beginning, low intermediate and intermediate level classes when they turn 11 or 12. The classes are more developmentally appropriate and often add fun elements that appeal to this age range. They progress through levels, with Level I being the most beginning and Level IV being the highest. Imaginative games help facilitate the learning experience, while combinations foster memory development.

Youth Classes: These classes are for dancers 9-14 years old and use a more focused and disciplined approach to the curriculum, which progresses from Levels I to III. Classes without a numeric level are taught as multi-level for Beginning and Advanced Beginning students.

Beginning: For teens and adults who have no previous experience with dance or the style of dance. Eleven-year-olds with an adult work ethic are permitted.

Advanced Beginning: For teens and adults with some experience in the style of dance or previous experience in other styles of dance that can carry over. Eleven-year-olds with adequate experience are permitted.

Low Intermediate: For teens and adults who are ready to expand their capabilities and techniques but wish to do so at a slower pace than an Intermediate class. Eleven-year-olds with adequate experience are permitted.

Intermediate: For teens and adults who are ready to build their knowledge of the dance style through expanded combinations and exercises that increase strength, flexibility, and dance vocabulary. Students should be 13 or have the director’s approval.

Advanced: For teens and adults who are ready to be challenged with harder combinations, more in-depth technique explorations, and the artistic qualities required for performance. Advanced ballet students are encouraged to take at least the barre portion of class in pointe shoes, if not the whole class. Teacher approval required for advanced level classes.

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