Thanksgiving Vacation

Regular Classes are on Thanksgiving Break this week – Monday 11/19 through Sunday 11/25.

Jane’s classes will be held this week as a make-up for the last week of September. Her Thursday morning 7:30 and 9:30 classes will be on Wednesday this week at 7:30am and 9:30am.

Robin will be holding a make-up for both of her Tap classes on Tuesday at 4:30 for Beginning/Advanced Beginning Tap and Wednesday at 4:30 for Intermediate Tap. These are in advance of her week off the first week of January.

Kathi will be holding Pointe I on Monday at 3:45, Pointe II on Monday at 4:30, Intermediate Ballet on Tuesday at 4:30, and Pointe III on Tuesday at 6:00 as make-ups for her missed classes earlier this term.

Zumba Toning will be held this Monday at 7pm and Zumba will be held this Saturday at 9:30am. If you’ve missed a class that you’re registered for this term, you may do a make-up in Zumba!

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